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WhatsHeart mobile application is designed for continuous monitoring your real-time, accurate heart rate while you train, review and analyze it during or after workouts (running, fitness, strength training...). WhatsHeart program is the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). The App is compatible with the Android smartphones and works in conjunction with a Bluetooth heart rate sensor (Adidas miCoach, Polar H7, Runtastic, Zephyr...).

Main features

  • Continuous monitoring of heart rate in the selected training zone.
  • Fast and easy setting of pulse monitoring options.
  • The voice cues  during exercise tracking (Audio Coach).
  • Voice and sound alerts if the heart rate is outside the training zone.
  • Simple and convenient setting of voice alert settings.
  • Training statistics.
  • There are many other possibilities.

How to use

  • Download WhatsHeart app from Google Play on your smartphone.
  • Start the app after installation.
  • Tie the strap around your chest! Then the smartphone will be able to see the sensor.
  • Open the App menu and select "Settings" item.
  • Specify the weight, height and other parameters.
  • Important!  Be sure to specify the "language" item in the "Settings"! The voice alerts will be spoken in the selected language.
  • Open the menu and select "Select pulse sensor" item.
  • Select your pulse sensor from the sensor list.
  • Close the form "Select pulse sensor" after sensor selection.
  • The heart rate monitiring will start automatically in 8-10 seconds.

Who Should Use

  • For athletes - running, skiing, fitness...
  • Taking care of your health
  • Concern for the health of loved ones!

As a result

  • Defining the right running pace
  • Defining the length of the rest interval between sets
  • Preventing overtraining
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Stable sports results
  • Good health!


  • The program is installed on Android smartphone (Android 4.x or later).
  • The heart rate sensor is required which uses wireless technology Bluetooth 4.4 (BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy).
  • Various sensors can be used, for example, Polar HR, Runtastic, Adidas miCoach and other sensors.

WhatsHeart mobile app screens:


The "HOME" screen is used for displaying the main parameters including heart rate. It contains the following sections:

  • The main parameters (heart rate, calories burned, duration of training, distance).
  • The center button to open the form to set the training zone.
  • The current time and the start of training.
  • Buttons - Start, Stop, Continue, Pause.

To set a target training zone, you should specify the minimum and maximum heart rate values (press the center button). Min and Max values of heart rate are displayed on this button for convenience.


The "Parameters" screen is used to select the type and intervals of voice or sound alerts. Use built-in speaker or headphones, including wireless, to listen to notifications.

  • Options for voice alerts on heart rate.
  • Additional options for voice notification .
  • Enable / disable the vibration signal.

WhatsHeart mobile app screens:

Workout data

The "Training" screen is used to view data on the current training. The following data are displayed on the page:

  • The start of training.
  • The duration of the workout.
  • Distance traveled during workout (using of GPS-module in the next release).
  • Calories burned.
  • Average and maximum heart rate.

In addition, the relative time is displayed (%) during which the heart rate is outside the training zone. For simplicity, the zone 3 pulse values are marked ("useless", "useful" and "harmful"). This division is made to simplify the analysis of the training.


The "Statistics" screen is used to view the training data. You should select a date ("Select date" button). All the trainings which were in the selected time interval will be displayed on this page.

WhatsHeart mobile app screens:

Sensor selection

The "Select pulse sensor" screen is used to perform actions:

  • to view a list of bluetooth-sensors that have been paired with the smartphone.
  • to select the pulse sensor.
  • to find a new sensor and its pairing with a smartphone.

It was found that not all smartphones can "see" the pulse sensors. For example, Lenovo Vibe Z2, Philips V387 smartphones can not pair Adidas miCoach X_Cell sensor. The WhatHeart App has the ability to detect "invisible" BT-devices. Use the button "Search other sensors" on the sensor selection form.


The "Settings" screen is used to set parameters (weight, height, gender, and a number of other parameters).

You must select the language of voice messages (English or Russian). The selected language is used for the synthesis of voice!


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